Preseason Strength Training: Decline Dumbbell Biceps Curl

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Want to ski better than ever? Try our preseason strength training fitness plan, and we guarantee you will. 3 sets of 15 reps
This move is similar to the standing biceps curl, only harder because you are in the declined position—which stretches the biceps as on the eccentric part of the move, even as you contract it.

Try it…you'll see. Select dumbbells that are 10 to 20 percent lighter than you would use for a standing biceps curl. Set a decline bench so that when you sit on it, you are declined 40 degrees from an upright seated position. The length of your back, from sacrum to head, should be firmly against the back pad (while maintaining a natural arch in your low back) and your feet should be planted firmly on either side of the bench.

From this position, let gravity do its work and your arms will hang straight down to the ground. Rotate your arms out so that your palms are facing forward. Keep your upper arms pressed in tight to your body and your wrists firm (no break or bend in them), bring the weights up about three-quarters of full range (do not exceed the point of gravitational pull), and then slowly lower the arms to the start position, keeping the biceps tense throughout the motion. Your upper arms should not move forward as you are curling, so that your biceps do the work. Note: To increase the difficulty of this move, take your feet off the floor by inclining the seat of the bench, bringing your legs together and crossing them at the ankles. This will require you do the move without the help of your lower body.