Preseason Strength Training: Machine Leg Press


Want to ski better than ever? Try our preseason strength training fitness plan, and we guarantee you will. 2 sets x 12-17 reps
How you adjust the back pad will determine which musclesyou recruit most. The more reclined you are, the more your glutes, hamstrings and hips will work. The more upright you position the pad, the more you'll use your quads. For our purposes, position the pad somewhere in the middle (35-45 degrees), where it feels comfortable. Position your legs so that your heels are a bit more than hip-width apart and directly aligned with your knees, so that your calves and hamstrings form a 90-degree angle.

Once in this position, your whole back, from your sacrum to the back of your head, should be in contact with the pad. As you extend your legs to lift the weight, be sure to push with the whole sole of your foot, keeping your heels in contact with the pad throughout the entire motion. By contracting all your muscles, from the trunk down, you'll maximize stability and proper form. Exhale and press the weight to the count of two, hold for a count of one, and then slowly release the weight while inhaling to the count of three. Never, ever, lock out your knees at the top of this motion or any other weight-bearing exercise.