Prove Yourself in the Bumps at These Resorts

Think you're an expert skier? These moguls will be the judge of that.
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We get it, bumps are hard—unforgiving even. They take pride in making skiers look bad. And what’s worse, they’re usually located right under the chairlift, giving lift riders ample opportunity to distinguish (and judge) the skiers thriving, or just surviving, in the bumps. There’s no faking sound technical skills in the moguls, which is why they’re the ultimate proving ground. If you call yourself an expert skier, put yourself to the test in these classic bump runs. They'll decide if you speak the truth.

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Turning Points: The Long and Short of Skiing Bumps

How To Ski Bumps

To get through a maze of moguls, make your legs—and at times even your entire body—both longer and shorter.