PSIA Names Its Top Ski Instructors

Everything you need to know about skiing, you can learn from these 14 pros.
2012 PSIA Alpine Demonstration Team

Every four years, the Professional Ski Instructors of America (PSIA) hosts what is known among its members as one of the most grueling tryouts on snow. The mission: To identify the very best ski teachers from around the country who can represent the organization, perform outreach, educate and train budding instructors and push the sport of skiing to new levels. Just receiving an invitation to the tryouts is an enormous honor. From a pool of hundreds of applicants, several dozen are selected to attend the weeklong on-snow tryout, which takes place at Snowbird and is a virtual decathlon of events—on snow and in a classroom setting—designed to test and examine their prowess as skiers, teachers and ambassadors. At the end of the week, scores are tallied and the best of the best are named to the elite and prestigious Alpine Demonstration Team. For the next four years, these 14 instructors will share their knowledge and passion not only with their lucky students but also with other ski instructors through academies and clinics at resorts around the country and throughout the world. Among the new members are SKI's Instruction Director Michael Rogan, returning for his fifth term on the team. To read more about the tryouts and the new team members, visit  And next time you book a lesson, you might want to ask if one of these instructors is available.

Jonathan Ballou – Aspen, CO; Robin Barnes – Heavenly, CA; Mike Hafer – Northstar at Tahoe, CA; Nicholas Herrin – Crested Butte, CO; Jeb Boyd – Thornton, NH; Matthew Boyd – Thornton, NH; *Ryan Christofferson – Northstar at Tahoe, CA; *Kelly Coffey – Breckenridge, CO; Heidi Ettlinger – Truckee, CA; Eric Lipton – Blue Mountain, PA; David Lyon – Stevens Pass, WA; *David Oliver – Breckenridge, CO; Michael Rogan – Heavenly, CA; Jennifer Simpson – Vail, CO. *Freestyle specialty


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