Renting vs Buying Kid's Gear

Choosing to rent or buy your child's ski equipment can affect your season and your savings. Here's how to make an informed decision.
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Making the investment in ski equipment for your child can require a considerable amount of research, time, and money. Let's be honest: Kids grow fast and ski equipment is expensive. The experts behind SKI's How to Raise a Skier online course share a few tips to help inform your decision this season.

Parent with children's ski equipment attached to their backpack walking through a ski resort with their child.

These two are geared up a ready for a great day out on the slopes

If you choose to purchase your child’s equipment, there are some noteworthy positives to keep in mind. The big one is that you can ensure that the equipment always fits and performs consistently. After all, rental equipment can be inconsistent from resort to resort. Buying your children’s equipment also guarantees more ski time, as you'll avoid time spent getting fitted at the base. 

If budget is a concern, there are cost-effective strategies to buying your children’s equipment. Demo equipment—new and high-performance rentals—are usually sold by ski shops at the end of the season at a discounted price. There are also stores that specialize in selling used ski equipment. 

If you choose to rent equipment, there are various options to consider. Instead of waiting to rent gear at the resort, check out your local ski shop's season-long equipment rental program. Bonus: They will often switch out your child’s equipment in the case that they outgrow their gear mid-season.

Whether purchasing or renting your child’s ski equipment, take care to find the best options that work for your family to ensure a great season out on the mountain.

We've got so much more to share about getting kids on the slopes. Visit to enroll in our five-part, take-it-at-your-own-pace online course.


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