Ski every day—and take the stairs at the office

Hey, desk potatoes: Little lifestyle changes can add up.
Spiral Stairs

As far as fitness goes, it seems that a little can go a long way. No one is disputing the benefits of nailing nonstop runs on the Hobacks (kind of like running a marathon on snow). But recent data indicates that a little action in the day-to-day grind can lower your risk of heart disease and diabetes. Easy lifestyle changes can do a lot of heavy lifting: Take the stairs. Park in the outer stretches of the lot. Push away from your keyboard and take a walk outside your office for a quick break a few times a day. (And certainly continue your regular workout regimen.) Here’s a rundown from one of our favorite health blogs on the evils of being a couch potato (or more likely, desk potato). Not that you need it, of course, but here's a poke-in-the-ribs reminder, from the same source, for 2012: drink less diet Coke and eat more tofu


sunscreen coverage

Skiing Sans Sunscreen

High SPF protects skiers from unwelcome goggle burns, right? A recent study unveiled the true nature of most available sunscreen products. Next time, you might just want to leave the Banana Boat at home.