Ski Fit: Yoga Exercises to Get You In Shape This Season

Use this six-week program to work your balance, flexibility, core strength, back muscles, and more.

What do yoga and skiing have in common? The need for balance, flexibility and focus.

Yoga helps cultivate these qualities, so it follows that practicing yoga can help improve ski technique. Let's face it - we love skiing for its adrenaline rush. But the other side of this coin is the potential for injury. Think of yoga as insurance against injury and one of the best ways to improve your skills on the slopes. It does both by addressing your body's imbalances and fostering strength and flexibility. Yoga also encourages a focus on the breath. By being able to concentrate on your breathing, transitioning your movements with grace, and cultivating an awareness of body balance and alignment, any level of skier will get more out of their time on the mountain and be less injury-prone.

Welcome to a six week series designed to get your body ski-worthy so you can hit the mountain with confidence. These mini yoga-practices will target body parts that are critical to good form and technique, and when practiced together will stretch and strengthen these key areas in anticipation of the start of ski season.

Ski Fit 1: Work Your Balance, Flexibility, and Focus Through Yoga

Ski Fit 2: Work Your Core Through Yoga

Ski Fit 3: Yoga's Got Your Back

The second part of the six-week session will be back in January, so fill up over the holidays, just get ready to burn it all off in the New Year!

Margaret Burns Vap is a yoga instructor/entrepreneur, and the founder of Big Sky Yoga Retreats, offering yoga and outdoor fitness getaways in Big Sky & Bozeman, Montana.
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Photo: Chris Hamilton