Ski Fitness DVDs

When getting to a gym isn’t realistic pop in one of these DVDs instead.
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Ski Stronger

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Shot outdoors overlooking Squaw Valley—and peppered with powder-skiing footage during the rest periods—this DVD continually reminds you why you’re sweating in front of the couch rather than relaxing on it. The 50-minute workout employs both fresh and familiar exercises to improve your core stability, leg strength, balance, flexibility, and anaerobic endurance—the kind you need most when you ski. It’s especially heavy on hamstring and back exercises, which skiers often neglect.

Bonus feature: An 11-minute express core-stability workout.
The creators: Certified trainer Scott Adams and lifelong skier Todd Walsh break into the ski market after producing three successful surfing-fitness DVDs.
Equipment needed:Exercise ball, dumbbells, mat (optional)
Ski grade: A
$30 (DVD), $15 (mobile download);

The Ultimate Fat Burning Ski and Sport Workout

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This otherwise excellent training tool suffers from an unfortunate feature: A cover and title that scream “90s chick workout.” What’s inside, however, are three 30-minute, ski-specific training sessions challenging enough for both men and women. The three workouts—strength and balance, agility and speed, and core and flexibility training—feature a smart mix of full-body exercises that target key ski muscles and movements.

The creator:Stephanie Levinson, ACE-certified trainer and avid skier. Levinson teaches classes at clubs in New York City and Aspen.
Equipment needed: dumbbells, step bench (bonus: for many of the exercises, it mimics a ski position by off-setting your legs), medicine ball
Ski grade: A-

RKS Workout

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This DVD series leads you through 16 progressively challenging, 30-minute sessions, heavy on traditional kettlebell exercises like swings and goblet squats. Although not designed specifically for skiers, the workouts develop vital slope assets like hip and leg strength and core stability. The four sessions dubbed “Doug’s challenge” also build anaerobic endurance, which on the mountain translates into longer, stronger runs. Missing ski essentials include balance challenges and agility training. Also, shot on a Hollywood Hills rooftop, the DVDs lack ski ambience—a fact that will fade quickly in importance when you hit the slopes in solid ski shape.

The creator: Doug Reinhardt, a former major league baseball player who has been skiing Aspen since age 2. Reinhardt worked with his dad, Owen, also a ski fanatic, to develop this four-week workout system.
Equipment needed: a kettlebell
Ski grade: B
$90–$170, includes a kettlebell (price varies based on kettlebell size), a workout poster and a nutrition guide;


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