Sh*t Skier Girls Say: Backcountry Edition

You remember the original "Shit Skier Girls Say," when Lynsey Dyer and friends get the shot, have to pee and you know, girl stuff. They're back and in the backcountry.

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Five years ago Lynsey Dyer and friends released a short video, "Shit Skier Girls Say." We love Lynsey Dyer, she's hilarious, always rooting for the ladies and obviously she shreds. For those of you that were living under a rock and missed the original...

Well the girls are back and Lynsey is leading the charge harder than ever with Unicorn Picnic–this time they are taking it to the backcountry. What kind of snacks did you bring? Wait what–you forgot your skins again?


She Jumps

Pro Skiers Turned Philanthropists

Lately some pro skiers have been using their influence to start nonprofits. We take a look at She Jumps, an organization co-founded by pro skier Lynsey Dyer, that aims to get girls into the outdoors. She Jumps is hosting a fundraiser in Salt Lake City on January 21. We also check out Alpine Initiatives, started by a group of skiers, that helps developing countries in need.

Grete Eliassen

Say My Name

Unhappy with the lack of female presence in ski movies, freeskier Grete Eliassen sets out to produce her own, all-girl ski movie, due out next fall, called Say My Name. We chatted with Grete while she was en route to class.