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Skiing Makes You Smarter

Research shows that physical exercise builds up your muscles and your brain.
October Fitness 2009

Good news for skiers: A University of Illinois study suggests that exercise strengthens more than your muscles. It also promotes brain growth. Data collected from the study shows mice that ran increased their brain’s capacity to learn and retain memories while mice that ate well but didn’t exercise did not see brain growth. What does this mean for skiers? Now when you tell your boss you're taking a "mental health" day to go skiing, you're not lying.


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Why You Should Eat Onions Before Skiing

Quercetin, an antioxidant flavonoid found in onions and apples, has been found to increase performance in athletes.

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Ski every day—and take the stairs at the office

Hey, desk potatoes: Little lifestyle changes can add up.

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Ski Fitness: Back Burners

Three exercises to increase strength in your back and optimize your body for skiing.

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The (New Mexican) Chile Special

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You should sweat the small stuff—start with your small stabilizing muscles.


Resistance Training for your Breathing Muscles

Want to ski longer without losing your breath? A recent study says breathing exercises can improve your performance.


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Study concludes what potheads have always hoped: Marijuana in moderation won’t damage your lungs.