Stuff We Like: the extendable Quik Pod

Ready for your closeup? A new boom lets you star in your own ski movies.
2012 SKI Test Carrie Sheinberg
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Friends can be such a drag on a powder day. The only reason you even tolerate them when the conditions are YouTube worthy is that you need a cameraman to capture said worthiness...and all your glory. Or so you thought. Now you can film and photograph yourself skiing sick lines, hucking cliff bands and snorkeling through the pow, which means no more sharing the location of your secret stashes with anyone. Quik Pod, a lightweight sports monopod, lets skiers and other action sports types film themselves. Quik Pod DSLR/POV, the company's latest, has a fishing pole-like handle on one end and a camera mount on the opposite end of an extendable-to-53-inches pole. It's a monopod designed to let you capture your own action shots with a GoPro, a point-and-shoot or a dSLR camera.

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A tripod-style mount attaches to your camera, and it comes with a GoPro mount. Because you're holding your camera way out in front of you, it can be a bit awkward with heavy dSLRs or dSLRs with big lenses. But point-and-shoots and smaller dSLRs worked great. It's compatible with any camera that has a tripod mount, video capability and/or a self-timer. And if your phone is your camera, not to worry. Quik Pod makes an adapter. 

Naturally, we think the airplane-grade aluminum pod is ideal for skiing and other adventure sports, but won't judge if you use it for say, secretly filming an America's Got Talet audition. And should you stop thinking about yourself for once, you can screw a foot onto the device and use it as a monopod for shooting brilliant sunsets, your kids, that moose in the trail, or anything else.



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