Stuff We Like: Triggerpoint Grid Foam Roller

A packable tool to help keep your legs fresh.

Skiing is a physically intensive sport—it uses your muscles, joints and tendons, particularly those in your feet, legs and back. You finish a day hammering out runs and you're tired and tight. 

To best assure that you're ready for first chair on day two, three, or four of your vacation, before you head to the bar, spend 15 minutes on the floor with Triggerpoint'sGrid foam roller.

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A compact, travel-ready foam roller, the Grid lets you self massage by rolling. As you fatigue--also as you age and as you s

ustain injuries--your muscles, joints and tendons lose flexibility, strength and elasticity. But they don't have to.

Occasional foam rolling—more effective if it's regular foam rolling—can release lactic acid that's built up in your muscles, can release muscles that are hung up on fascia—myofascial release, and can make you feel better in the morning. 

There are many techniques you can use to bring your muscles back to life after a day—or a lifetime—on the slopes, from deep tissue massage to Rolfing to self massage with props like the Grid. The Grid's our favorite tool for skiers because it's big enough to work the calves, quads, IT bands and back—but it's lightweight and hollow, so easy to stuff with socks or long underwear in your suitcase.

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Triggerpoint sells the Grid solo or with various books and manuals detailing the torturous things you can use it for. Our simple and easy to follow instructions—find what hurts, place the Grid perpendicularly on that spot, and start rolling. It'll hurt until the muscle fatigues and starts to relax, but will help you have great ski days week after week and season after season. $40,