Train Like a Champ

Which world-class racer do you identify with? Find out, then tap into their training secrets—and their successes.

When most of us work out, we do what we enjoy. Champions, on the other hand, are willing to do what they don’t enjoy because that’s usually where their deficiencies lie. Here, we profile three top U.S. Ski Team athletes—Ted Ligety, Lindsey Vonn and Steven Nyman—who know where the chinks in their armor are and what they need to do to fix them. Discover which skier’s strengths and weaknesses most closely mirror your own, adopt his or her approach to preseason training and, when the snow starts falling this winter, expect to conquer the problems that used to plague you on the slopes.

Pick the profile that best describes you:


You are Quick, agile and explosive but could use more aerobic endurance or more muscle mass for longer, steeper runs
How you look on the hill You zip through the trees and dance through the moguls, but you lose steam easily or feel like you’re working harder than necessary.
Your alter
egoTed Ligety


You are Strong, with good endurance, but you need more agility, coordination and balance
How you look on the hill You can ski strong all day, even on steeps, but you feel slow and clumsy in moguls, trees and short turns.
Your alter ego
Lindsey Vonn


You are A naturally strong athlete plagued by injuries
How you look on the hill
You power through your ski day, maybe even through your whole vacation, but afterward your injury flares up again.
Your alter ego
Steven Nyman


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