Train with the U.S. Ski Team: Drop Jumps

Here’s a simple exercise to increase power in your legs.
SKI Team Drop Jumps Thumb

Here’s one of our favorite all-season exercises: the minimalist Drop Jumps. All you need is two (sturdy) benches or chairs that are slightly taller than your knees. (Yes, a fitness box is best, but still…) Here, Ernie Reimer, USSA’s Strength and Conditioning Coach, and U.S. Ski Team alpine athlete Hailey Duke take you through a step-by-step introduction to Drop Jumps. This simple and easy exercise develops power and explosiveness in your legs, which is key to expert all-mountain skiing.


heavy half squats thumb

Get Fit with the U.S. Ski Team: Heavy Half Squats

Heavy half squats increase demand on the hip musculature while eliminating the limitations of the muscles acting on the knee in deep ranges of motion. This exercise is a good one for in-season maintenance because it keeps the athletes strong while reducing muscle soreness.