Tune Up: Get in the Driver's Seat

Use this lunchtime drill to keep your weight forward. Then take it to the slopes to power through every turn.
Tune Up: Get in the Driver's Seat

THE BACK SEAT: It might have been cool in high school, but it’s dreaded on the slopes. “If your weight is over your heels, you can’t use the skis’ shape to your advantage,”says instructor Megan Harvey. Shaped skis are like front-wheel-drive vehicles: You want the mass of the drivetrain up front in order to pull and steer you through a turn. To keep yourself in a forward position, practice this drill during your lunch break: Stand in your boots on a flat surface and move your weight over the balls of your feet. Then tip your boots on edge and lean at a 45-degree angle into a table or wall, keeping your torso squared. Return to center and tip to the other side. Replicate this on the hill to stay forward and carve effortless turns. Megan Harvey is an instructor for the Ski and Snowboard Schools of Aspen, Colo.