Turning Points: Play Bad Weather Away

Use bad weather to your advantage. Find a sheltered spot, and play your way to better skiing.
Turning Points: Play Bad Weather Away

Fair-weather skiers never prosper. The conditions won’t always look like they do in resort brochures, but—as with any challenge—adverse weather comes with its own opportunities. The biggest: privacy. While the fickle and cold-phobic crowds are warming their toes by the fire, you can have the entire mountain—or at least a small corner of it—to yourself. And sometimes that’s all you really need. On days when the wind is howling, visibility is nil or the snow is too skied off to make the longer, exposed slopes fun—let alone safe—seek out a sheltered spot, such as a gully or terrain garden. Full of bite-size features that mimic those you’d find on the main ski trails, these tucked-away playgrounds are ideal classrooms. (Ask the children’s ski school where they take their classes: Kids always know the best spots to play.) They’ll keep you entertained until the storm breaks.


Slow Transitions

Turning Points: Flex Benefits

Today’s gear lets you use your legs—not your whole body—to move vertically over your skis and apply pressure to your edges.

Pitch Control

Turning Points: Pitch Control

When a slope changes, you and your skis need to change with it. Stay on pitch with these tactics.

Turning Points: Dropping In

Turning Points: Dropping In

Check your hesitation at the edge, and approach cornices like you mean it.

Turning Points: The Long and Short of Skiing Bumps

Turning Points: The Long and Short of Skiing Bumps

To get through a maze of moguls, make your legs—and at times even your entire body—both longer and shorter.


Turning Points: The Skinny on Skiing Chutes

When trails narrow, widen both your perspective and your line of attack.

Double fall lines: the demise of many a skier

Turning Points: Double Trouble

Double fall lines test whether you can alternate gentle downhill turns with powerful arcs that pull you back up the hill.

Stian Davenport | Photo: Jonathan Selkowitz

Clinic: Child's Play

There's a lot to be learned from the way kids learn. Most important: Embrace your mistakes, and don't forget to have fun.

Clinic: How to stay balanced while turning

Clinic: Where Things Happen Fast

In the belly of the turn, your skis want to head for the barn. To keep up with them in the fall line, unshakable balance is key.