Unstumped By The Bumps, Step Four

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Now extend your legs to get your feet down into the trough.Push Your Feet Back Down
Now extend your legs to get your feet down into the trough.

A. You are on one set of edges until you get to the top of the mogul. Make your pivot and edge change at the crest, when your knees are close to your chest. This transition is quick, but it should be fluid.

B. Roll your knees to change edges and begin to push your feet back down-reaching for the snow on the back of the bump. This should not be abrupt but it must be forceful. Get maximum pressure on the ski, as close to the beginning of the turn as possible. If your edge change is late, you'll slam into the trough.

C. Early pressure means a round turn that gets you ready for the next absorption. Pressure must be continuous. Extend all the way back to an upright position, so you have maximum range to absorb again. Your inseam nearly straightens out.