U.S. Ski Team Coach Retires


Longtime U.S. Ski Team Head Men's Alpine Coach Bill Egan is retiring, according to U.S. Ski Team Vice President of Athletics Alan Ashley, to spend more time with his family.Park City, Utah May 14, 2001 (U.S. Ski Team)--Longtime U.S. Ski Team Head Men's AlpineCoach Bill Egan is retiring, according to U.S. Ski Team Vice Presidentof Athletics Alan Ashley. Egan, who has coached since 1989 and hasoverseen the men's alpine staff since 1997, decided to leave the intense team travel schedule to spend more time with his family. Egan willremain with the Ski Team through the middle of August as a search forhis successor is conducted.

With the Ski Team, Egan and other coaches travel approximately ninemonths a year. He joined the Team as a strength and conditioning coachin 1989 and was named head men's downhill coach two years later. He tookover as head men's coach beginning with the 1998 Olympic season.

"We'll certainly miss Bill, but we're blessed with the work he'saccomplished in building a strong and stable staff of coaches for bothour men's technical (slalom and giant slalom) and speed (downhill andsuper G programs)," said Ashley. "Bill's knowledge, experience andpositive team-building attitude have helped to bring this team to a newlevel of professionalism."

"I'm comfortable I'm leaving the program in good hands," said Egan. "Wehave the strongest program ever, with the best staff, the best fundingand the best athletes. The future's rosey. I'll be cheering for theguys to continue to win. But I'm looking forward to the change for mepersonally, to spend more time with my wife in our home."

Egan, who served four seasons as head men's alpine coach, establishedhead coaches for each discipline after the 1998 Olympics which havehelped to shape the Team today. Egan named former U.S. Ski Team athleteJesse Hunt to head the men's technical program, which has producedstrong results with Erik Schlopy and Bode Miller. Schlopy this pastseason was third in the season-long World Cup giant slalom ¿ the bestU.S. World Cup finish since 1983. And he named former Canadian coachDale Stephens to head the speed program. Stephens has gained tremendousrespect from his athletes, helping spearhead the success of ChadFleischer and World Champion Daron Rahlves.

Hunt and Stephens will continue their roles of managing the day-to-dayactivities of the technical and speed programs. Ashley plans to replaceEgan's position of overall program administrator but said has nospecific timetable.

"The key for us is that we have strong program coaches in place, whichwe have," said Ashley. "That will allow us to take the time to searchfor a replacement for Bill who can meet our needs in terms of leadershipfor the future."

Egan, a former teacher and football coach at Saddleback CommunityCollege in Southern California for 18 years , plans to teach and coachat Bishop High School, also in California.

Egan and his wife Maggie live in Bishop, Calif., not far from MammothMountain.