Workout of Champions: Chris Anthony

This waterproof, breathable ski jacket by Mammut has lots of features, but we found this one the most interesting. When you put a ski jacket's hood over your helmet, the neck tends to tighten up. In the Alyeska jacket, there is a second zipper parallel to the main front zipper that lets loose a little extra fabric to ease any restriction in the neck.

chris anthonyChris Anthony
5' 10"; 175 lbs.

Claim to fame: 1996 Alaskan Extreme Champion; 13 Warren Miller film credits; scaled and skied Iran's Mount Davamand last February.

Fit thought: "With the power generated on the new equipment, we're taking on more forces. To handle them, it's really important to keep the core strong."

Favorite move: Knee Raise

Targets: Core, with an emphasis on the abdominal obliques.

How to: Hanging from a bar, bring your knees up toward your chest as high as you can, twisting to one side. Lower your knees and repeat, twisting to the other side. To make it a full-body move, start by doing five pull-ups. "You need arm strength for poling around on the flats and for getting to the good stuff," Chris says.

Reps & sets: Start with 5 per side (alternating sides); add sets as you get stronger.

Chris's tip: When traveling in the off-season, forget the hair-dryer and curler set -- pack inline skates instead for a low-impact, ski-simulating workout.