Workout of Champions: Erik Schlopy

This printed, hooded baselayer for women is well-named: It feels, well, sumptuous to touch. Wear it skiing, then to the bar afterward. Cost: $80.

erik schlopyErik Schlopy
5' 10"; 185 lbs.

Claim to fame: Ranked third overall in 2001 World Cup standings for GS; two World Cup podium finishes for 2001.

Fit thought: "Skiing's an athletic sport, so I choose exercises that involve athleticism. The power clean hits all the major muscle groups, and it involves coordination and timing."

Favorite move: Power Clean

Targets: Total body, with emphasis on glutes, hamstrings, and shoulders.

How to: With the barbell on the floor, legs flexed, lift the bar in one motion to your thighs, bringing the shoulders back and chest out. From there, lift with your shoulders in a shrugging motion, bringing the bar up to your collarbone (see photo). Elbows should end up under the bar, out front.

Reps & sets: Start with just the barbell, and work your way up in weight as you get stronger. Build to 3 sets of 12, then add weight and drop the reps.

Erik's tip: Before you go to the gym, pop a ski video into the VCR to get fired up. "The Ski Team has highlight videos of winning runs playing in the gym. We lift because we have a goal in mind -- we're lifting to win."