2015 Resort Survey Comments Exposed

We asked you for your honest feedback about resorts. Here are some off-the-wall comments.
2015 Resort Survey Comments Exposed

When readers fill out the resort survey to rank the best resorts in North America, most have great things to say. However, not everyone likes a given resort. We get thousands and thousands of comments, and, after sorting through all of them, here are some of the funny/odd/interesting ones. But because we don’t like to hurt feelings, we kept the resort names out of it.

“Not for urban types.”

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“Getting there is not 'half the fun!' It takes an entire day to travel regardless if you fly comm. or drive. My private jet was repo’d in 2007. So it goes.”

“Not enough challenging blue trails.”

“It is local and you can get there in 5 minutes from work.”

“Hate this mountain. Always have, always will.”

“Spend some damn money and create an atmosphere for crying out loud... (#^$%*!@) depressing people have to create their own party in the parking lot because all they care about is kicking you out down the road when the lifts close. Bar sucks and there is no place to hang out. Lame.”

“Weather just too unreliable.  Correction, weather is reliably ($#*@@%).”

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“People at this mountain suck the big one.”

“The skiing and daytime entertainment for kids was great, but after the lifts closed, the marijuana smoking began. I felt like I had no choice but to go home each afternoon. The casual restaurants had poor service from stoned employees, smoking was commonly noticed outside any bar or restaurant, and the top-notch restaurants were not appropriate for my young child. We will be unlikely to visit Colorado as a family again.”

“Sustainability is irrelevant and hostile to my views.”

“Accidentally rated sustainability. Question should be removed in respect to my religious beliefs.”

“Sustainability is irrelevant and irresponsible.” 

"Watching the rich folks prance around in unitards is priceless.”

"More good looking women than any other resort I’ve been to."

"One of the worst resorts I've been to. There's nothing to do but ski."


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