$4.75 Million Renovation at Windham Mountain Underway

The base lodge and entrance and exit lanes will get a facelift over the next three years.


Windham Mountain is currently renovating its base lodge and its entrance and exit lanes to the tune of $4.75 million, as part of a multi-year plan to indulge in an unparalleled mountain experience. Over the next three years, approximately $11 million will have been invested in the resort. The current construction project ushers in an exciting period in Windham Mountain's existence that will last for years to come.

Changes in the Windham Mountain resort are evident right from the start. The resort entrance consists of three lanes leading up to the lodge alongside the parking lots. Club members drive directly to valet parking in one lane, and all others drive in and out using the other two lanes. Existing lighting and signage has been modified to accommodate this improved traffic pattern.

Significant changes in the structure and physical appearance of the lodge render an alpine look and feel. The metal roof of the lodge has been replaced by shingles, and the façade exudes warmth by its stone and timber elements. A porte-cochere protects the walkway between the curb and the breezeway, welcoming visitors as they step from their vehicles to the main entrance of the lodge. Glass enclosures create the ambiance of a quaint village road inside the breezeway. The latest ski and snowboard accessories adorn kiosks on the Mountain Sports side of the breezeway, while coffee, pastries, fruit, and kettle corn abound on the other side. The upper patio opens onto the slopes with a new alpine-style structure resting above the existing stairs to the 3500 Club. Adjacent to the alpine hut, a larger, more inviting fire pit allows guests to relax in the fresh air.

Inside the lodge on the second floor, the "Starting Block" has been re-configured so that rental traffic flows more easily. Attractive wooden signs have been posted for ease of movement.

On the third floor of the lodge, the new club facilities include a new kitchen, dining room, lounge, tavern and fireplaces. Club members enjoy dramatic views of the mountain and valley, vaulted ceilings, and a dedicated kitchen.

This project allows regular guests, club members and the general public to appreciate the Windham Mountain experience on a whole new level. Upon the completion of phase one, the resort plans to improve other areas within the base lodge.


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