A Chilling Melody

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ice instrument-1

Taos, NM, Feb. 13, 2001--Tim Linhart is carrying ice sculpture beyond an aesthetic realm. He stopped carving lions, tigers, and bears in favor of a more challenging proposition--take ice, and art, to a functional level.

To keep the disbelievers at bay, Linhart has created a playable ice orchestra at Taos Ski Valley. The "band" includes two guitars, two cellos, and a church bass.

To make the sculptures, Linhart melts snow on a camp stove until it is slushy. He then hand packs it into the rough shape of the instrument he wants to carve. Once he has achieved a solid mound of ice, Linhart begins shaping it. The pieces are finely detailed down to the strings and surface design.

All the instruments will be strung and played by musicians in a concert at 2pm on Feb. 17, 2001. For more information, contact Taos Ski Valley at 505-776-2291.