Allyn's Lodge

Enjoy a ride on the Lincoln Limo.
Allyn's Lodge @ Sugarbush

Take Sugarbush’s new 12-passenger luxury cabin snow cat to the top of Gadd’s Peak for an evening of fine wines and gorgeous views. The cat is equipped with a flat screen TV and cushy seats, for a comfortable and exciting ride up the mountain. Enjoy a candle-lit gourmet feast at Allyn’s Lodge, complete with appetizer, entrée, wine, and coffee. Looking for a challenge? Start early and skin or snowshoe up to the peak, you’ll truly feel like you’ve earned your dinner.

Reservations required; 802-583-6822 |


west hill house

West Hill House

Local wines, a mountain-themed room, and a three-course breakfast, if those three things aren’t enough to make you feel warm inside, the crackling fire will be.



If the word vegetarian makes you shudder, and you can’t go a day without a hamburger, then you’ve clearly never been to MINT.