Ski Resort Life

Après-Ski Spectrum


Traditional Approach Ski all day, party all night.
Hydration Beer. And Red Bull for the health-conscious.
Nutrition Deep-fried whatever at the bar.
Exercise Vigorously reach over the bar for the next round.
Rest You can sleep on the gondola tomorrow.

Ski Fanatic Approach Skiing is your party.
Hydration Plenty of water and sports drinks before, during and after. Alcohol and caffeine are your enemies.
Nutrition You eat a carbohydrate-rich bagel, banana or energy bar immediately after skiing. No empty-calorie pub food.
Exercise Snowshoeing or yoga after the lifts close.
Rest You’re counting sheep by 8:30 p.m.

Healthy but Realistic Approach You’re on vacation-you want to be able to ski and party.
Hydration You drink plenty of water and sports drinks during and after skiing. Then, you head to the bar for a couple of beers.
Nutrition Before eating deep-fried cheese poppers, you down an energy bar to help replace important carbohydrate stores.
Exercise You walk back to the car or hotel the long way. As you shed your ski clothes, you pause for some stretches.
Rest There’s a killer band playing in the village, but the weatherman is predicting 8 inches overnight. You check out the band, but don’t stay for last call.