Aspen's Smuggler Mine

More than a century before anyone skied Aspen, miners were extracting one fifth of the world’s silver from below the town in Smuggler Mine. The location is not available for tours.
Smuggler Mine1

On the outskirts of Aspen, the Smuggler Mine is the opposite of a tourist trap. Almost 1,800 feet into the earth, tours for the 128-year-old mine operate by reservation only. Tours starts in a shack that served as the mine office, and after a crash course in Aspen’s shuttered mines—some tunnels really do go under the courthouse—visitors are fit for hard hats and miner’s lights. The opening of the mine looks like little more than an oversized rabbit warren. Some of the tunnels are so tiny that they measure just a tad wider than your shoulders. (Anyone over six feet tall should be prepared for some serious hunching.) Fun for the whole family, learn about some of Aspen’s rich history, beginning in the mine that produced the world’s largest silver nugget in 1884.

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Tunnel Vision

Venture far below Aspen's slopes for a tour of the Smuggler Mine. You'll never see the town in the same light again.

Aspen Paragliding

Aspen Paragliding

Blowing down that front face groomer on your last run of the day may feel like flying. But if you really want to catch some air, Aspen Paragliding’s tandem paragliding pilots have been launching off the slopes of Aspen Mountain for nearly 20 years.