Backcountry Skiing in Montana

Montana offers backcountry skiing for everyone: from snowmobiling to skinning, there’s a world to explore. As always, don’t forget your beacon, shovel, and probe, and the know-how to use them.
This old signpost stands at the top of the North and South bowls.

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Cooke City

If you’re craving pillow lines, cliff drops, tree skiing, and deep snow, Cooke City is for you. The backwoods town is dotted with snowmobilers—and the town lets you park your sled right at your hotel. Use a sled to get deep in the backcountry, and then hike and skin to the lines you’d like to ski.

Bridger Range

Located in Northwest Montana near the town of Bozeman, the north-south running range offers multiple peaks that beg to be climbed. Sacajawea Peak, Saddle Peak, and Baldy Mountain are all accessed by convenient trailheads, and you’ll encounter mountain lakes and alpine terrain along the way.

Bitterroot National Forest

These peaks provide varied tree and glade skiing, as well as wide-open slopes with chute skiing. Sweeny Peak, St. Mary’s Peak, and the surrounding terrain are good places to start. Start early and ski north-facing slopes for the best snow.