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Behind Higher Ground #2

Ever wonder how a ski-movie shoot comes together? To find out, we went on location with Warren Miller Entertainment at Points North Heli Adventures in Cordova, Alaska, while they filmed

Higher Ground

-and shadowed the people who make it happen.

Check out the slideshow to see images from the filming. Click on the related articles to meet the partners-in-crime and their gear.


Bode in Bronze

Behind the Scenes with Bode

He's back. After a bronze medal win in yesterday's Olympic downhill, Bode celebrated his victory with sushi and sake. Just a normal guy, right? Except, now he has the most Olympic medals of any American skier. Ever.

saymyname thumb

Behind the Scenes of Say My Name

For the past two seasons, Grete Eliassen, Sarah Burke, and a crew of other elite female skiers have been filming for an all-girls ski flick called “Say My Name.” Salt Lake City-based photographer Austin Holt spent time shooting with them all season. Here's a behind-the-scenes look at his favorite shots.