Best Patios for Springtime Libations

There are few things better than sipping a frosty adult beverage under the warm springtime sun (maybe the bartender’s even perched an umbrella between the ice cubes). After a long day smashing soft April snow, reward yourself with some afternoon relaxation at one of these outdoor watering holes.
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10 Best Ski-Resort Cafeterias

Of course, you go to a ski resort for the good snow and terrain. But you've got to eat while you're there, right? We've done our research—eating at ski areas all over the country—and have selected the 10 best on-mountain restaurants in ski country. To call these places cafeterias simply doesn't do them justice.

South Lake Tahoe, California: Sage Room Steak House

Best Steakhouses in Ski Country

Before they became ski meccas, most of the mountainous resorts you visit in the winter were ranch towns where hearty pioneers raised beef cattle. Most of the pastures have given way to multi-million dollar trophy homes, but the tradition of a damn good steak persists.