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Bistro CV

Quality, fresh, local products prepared simply and deliciously.
Bistro CV

Using quality, fresh, local products, childhood friends Brian Vaughn and Kevin Caparrelli, the chefs at Bistro CV, aim to reflect their ethic of cooking simply in everything they produce. The pair succeeds with flying colors. Not only is the food beyond delicious but it is also reasonably priced. The menu changes on a fairly regular basis to keep up with what’s in season, so it’s hard to nail down specific favorites. A classic, though, is always the CV burger—wagyu beef with La Belle farms foie gras, garlic aioli, and pickled onions with potato puree on the side. Also popular are Ingrid’s mussels and the innovative takes on popular classics like the BLT. After ordering, the cozy atmosphere and slow pace lends itself to getting into the meal for the long haul. The chefs’ dedication to honest and quality elements, as well as careful presentation, make the food take a little longer to come out from the kitchen, but be patient and your mouth will be rewarded. The wine list is on the short side, but tailored to pair well with the entrees of the moment. Even though the wait staff can be a little cold and inattentive at times, everything goes together beautifully.; (970) 879-4197