Blueberry Lake Cross Country Center

An old fashioned place devoted to simple snow fun.
Supple suede highlights this eVent waterproof style. The nine inch Talkeetna features an overlapping closing system, making it easy to tuck in pants. Stay tuned for a SkiNet video on these slammin' boots (and the Seona version). To see other ULU boots, check out this slideshow. For more information on ULU Boots (made by the same people that make Chacos), go to their website: $220

Enjoy Nordic skiing, skate skiing, or snow shoeing through 30 kilometers of wooded Vermont trails. Located in East Warren, Vermont, the 60-acre property has trails, ski and sled rentals, and lessons for beginners. Seventeen winters at the Lake have treated owner Lenord Robinson well. At age 80, he still skis 10K each day, competes in local decathlons and triathlons, and enjoys helping young people find their passion for outdoor adventure. Come to Blueberry Lake and meet the man who started it all. Kids from the valley ski free, and dogs are welcome.

$11 per person (season passes available) | 802-496-6687 |