Bode Miller to Sue HEAD USA

Bode would like to make a comeback sans HEAD skis.
Bode Miller Italy

Bode Miller is sueing HEAD skis after making the decision to return to ski racing.

Miller left HEAD in 2015 after deciding to no longer ski race. Having signed a termination agreement that prevents him from racing on a competitors skis for two years, he is now trying to overturn the agreement to return to World Cup competition.

According to Miller's legal team, the current contract prevents him from being able to preform his job by restricting the type of equipment he can use. The current agreement is breaching California state business code that prohibits agreements that prevent anyone from "engaging in lawful professional, trade, or business of any kind."

Miller hopes to return to the World Cup scene representing Bomber Skis, an artisan ski company of which he is part owner. Miller stated that this may be his "last real opportunity to competitively compete in the World Cup racing circuit and attract lucrative endorsements needed to provide for his family."

HEAD chairman and CEO, Johan Eliasch, responded to Miller this morning, "I am truly very disappointed to see that Bode has no intention to homour his word and that he intends to breach our agreement to that effect. We will take every action to enforce our right against Bode. That said, HEAD would welcome Bode's return to World Cup racing, but it has to be on HEAD equipment."

This isn't the first time that the three time Olympic metalist has gone rogue. In 2006 Miller left the U.S. Ski Team to race as an independent with HEAD USA as his sponsor.


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