Booze of the Month: The Infinite Monkey Theorem

Canned wines are nothing new, but there's still only one king of the cooler when it comes to vino in aluminum.

Hold on to you cans.
Hold on to you cans.Photo courtesy of The Infinite Monkey Theorem

Skiers can find portable wines in ski resort bars and parking lot après parties all over North America. But, if you want a good canned wine, well, the selection decreases significantly. We usually reach for only one type when we want a delicious, easy-to-drink canned wine: The Infinite Monkey Theorem.

The brand’s wine is actually made in urban environments. Sure, Infinite Monkey Theorem sources grapes from vineyards on Colorado’s Western Slope and the plains of Texas, but their actual wine-making facilities are in the hip RiNo District of Denver and the SoCo neighborhood of Austin. Their tasting rooms have a refined craft brewery feel, but the drinks deliver the potent buzz that only good wine can provide.

Despite the wine’s urban origins, The Infinite Monkey Theorem truly shines in the outdoors, especially after a day of skiing. Sold in cans and four-packs reminiscent of Red Bull, each slender aluminum vessel holds two servings of wine, and a wine glass isn’t necessary to pop open a can to enjoy anywhere you please.

The white and dry hopped sauv blanc flavors offer the similar bubbly effervescence and tastiness of craft beer without the gluten overload, and the red doesn’t even need to be cold to be happily imbibed. So, if you don’t like beer or want something different than an IPA or PBR at the end of the ski day, there is no better time than the present to crack open a can of something different.

SKI Magazine’s three favorite wines from The Infinite Monkey Theorem

Gather 'round, and let's talk about vino.
Gather ’round, and let’s talk about vino.Photo courtesy of The Infinite Monkey Theorem
  1. White: More bubbly than the average white wine, Infinite Monkey Theorem has created an easy-drinking little number that goes down smooth while the taste is crisp and refreshing. The flavor is citrusy with peachy notes, and I’d happily tote this along to après-ski beach gatherings and hot tubbing, outdoor concerts, sporting events, and anywhere you’re craving a light and peppy vino to get you into party mode. – Sam Berman, Content Director
  2. Dry Hopped Sauv Blanc: I usually only drink wine when it would be inappropriate to have a beer, but the dry hopped sauvignon blanc caught my eye as I enjoy an occasional dry white, and I really love Citra hops. This unique libation is pretty dry, and the hops give the flavor a little kick in the pants that masks nearly all of the grapes’ sweetness. The can’s tasting notes say lychee, but as I’m not intimately familiar with the taste of lychee, I’m just going to say it’s darn good wine from a beer drinker’s perspective. – Jon Jay, Digital Editor.
  3. Red: A nice, light red for just about any occasion. It’s easily portable and doesn’t need to be chilled for lunchtime imbibing on the skintrack, which is a huge bonus. Notes of berries and a little spice make for an ideal balance. The label says it’s a Merlot, but drinks more like a Pinot Noir to me (which is not a bad thing). – Sam Berman

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