Brundage, Idaho

Killer glades, family-friendly groomers, and mellow-yet-scenic bowl skiing.
Corduroy at Brundage

Idaho has groomers in HD.

Brundage flies way under the radar of most skiers, but that really ought to change. This 1,921-acre ski area in central Idaho serves up killer glades, family-friendly groomers, and mellow-yet-scenic bowl skiing in Lakeview Bowl on the backside. 

And that’s not even scratching the surface of the adjacent backcountry accessible from the ski area on tap for experienced ski-tourers—or a full 18,000 acres of guided snowcat skiing for anyone with a appetite for powder. That’s a huge hunk of terrain in a relatively unpopulated part of the country, if you catch our drift. Or you can just catch Brundage’s this winter, where the drifts pile up thanks to 320 annual inches of fluff. 

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