California Resorts Snowed In


Mammoth, CA, Feb. 15--California ski resorts haven't seen the sun in days. A big blizzard has been dumping snow over the region since late last week. Over five feet of snow fell on Mammoth Mountain, in southern California, since Friday.

"It's puking here!" said Nicole Whichello, in the communications department at Mammoth. "You can hold a white piece of paper in front of your face and it will be the same image," she laughed, in response to SkiNet's request for a digital image.

The storm has also completely drowned out the Lake Tahoe area. "It's been a complete whiteout," said Justin Jaeger, of Heavenly Ski Resort. "The forecast calls for snow most of this week, so we should be in epic shape for the President's Day weekend."

Check back with SkiNet for more updates and photos from the California blizzard.

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