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Far from ordinary organic food.
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Chair 6

Chair 6 manages to turn what sound like normal dishes on paper into something great on your plate. Known for their use of high quality, organic ingredients, Chair 6 puts out amazing food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For breakfast, anything on the menu is good, but take a risk and go for something a little more non-traditional like their famous sweet potato pancakes with Adirondack maple syrup. The sweetness of the potato and syrup contrasts nicely with the freshly brewed coffee. For dinner, start off with a bottle of wine; the food here is delicious, but takes time. For an appetizer, try the baby arugula and spinach salad or jumbo lump crab cake over baby arugula with fresh mango puree. After digesting a little, stay adventurous and order the game feature of the day. Who knows if you’ll have room for dessert, but if you do, the crème brulee and chocolate mouse are both fabulous., (518) 523-3630




An intimate, fire-lit Lake Placid restaurant that takes full advantage of their location right on the lake.

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