Chef’s Table

Entertain as well as you ski with these mountain-chef-compiled cookbooks.

Con Gusto! – Cristina’s of Sun Valley
Celebrated Sun Valley restaurateur Cristina Ceccatelli’s third cookbook is an homage to her Tuscan roots, with easy-to-follow recipes accompanied by exquisite photos. Feel good, eat good. Ceccatelli’s delicious Salmon Cakes recipe is definitely one you won’t want to skim past, perfect for parties or just spicing up family dinner. Her directions make 36 servings in under an hour, so invite your friends and get cooking. With tasty bites like these it would be a shame not to share. [$30, cristinasofsunvalley.com]

The Five Seasons Kitchen
French chef Pierre Gagnaire has restaurants all over the world, including the celebrated two-Michelin-starred Pour Les Airelles in Courchevel. His Five Seasons Kitchen is packed with 30 full menus—that’s 90 recipes—culled from his deep repertoire of culinary innovation. We love the Winter menus, with cozy dishes such as green lentil soup; lamb shoulder rubbed with curry, dried figs, and pine nuts; and a dessert of butternut squash, Medjool dates, and grapes infused in cinnamon syrup. [$25, pierre-gagnaire.com]

Ski Town Après Ski + Ski Town Soups
Vail-based chef Jennie Iverson’s collection of recipes in Ski Town Soups and Ski Town Après Ski is a compilation from resorts across the country. Wherever you shred, you’re likely to find a hometown favorite. Soups brings together classics, like squash and tomato, alongside innovative Reuben soup or Vermont curried apple. Après Ski is an upscale take on post-send nibbles. Bonus: Lindsey Vonn wrote the foreword. [$30, skitowngroup.com]

Araxi: Roots to Shoots, Farm Fresh RecipesThere’s a reason Gordon Ramsay’s TV show is called “Hell’s Kitchen”: living up to his standards is near impossible. So you know when he calls Araxi Restaurant and Oyster Bar the “best restaurant in Canada,” that carries some weight. Award-winning Araxi chef and farm-to-table pioneer James Walt’s second cookbook adapts 80 of his Whistler Blackcomb classics for home cooking. In just three chapters, Shoots, Longtable, and Roots, Walt injects the signature freshness and passion for sustainability of Araxi’s delicious regional cuisine. [$30, tastecanada.org]

From the Restaurants of Park City, A Mountain Town’s Cookbook
While most cookbooks are divided by type of meal, From the Restaurants of Park City gives each of the 21 featured restaurants a chapter to share its history, stories, chef bios, and recipes. Readers could create an entire meal from one restaurant or mix and match. Park City’s cuisine is your oyster. Alongside the mouthwatering recipe photos, picturesque Park City scenery makes an appearance, blending this cookbook with a coffee-table display. [$28, amazon.com]