Cold Hollow Cider Mill

Hot apple cider, local wine, and fresh fudge made under one roof.
cider mill

Watch apple cider made the old-fashioned way. Cold Hollow Cider Mill uses a rack and cloth press built in the 1920s to make cider year-round. Watch the process from behind a glass wall, and sample fresh cider, cider jellies, mustards, applesauce, cider donuts, cheddar cheeses, and fudge in the retail store. Be sure to walk across the driveway to the Apple Core gift shop, home to a toy hub, fudge factory, and winery. Free tours run daily.| Waterbury, Vermont


west hill house

West Hill House

Local wines, a mountain-themed room, and a three-course breakfast, if those three things aren’t enough to make you feel warm inside, the crackling fire will be.