Creekside Cafe

One of the best breakfast spots in Steamboat Springs

For one of the best breakfast spot in Steamboat Springs, go to Creekside Café on 11th Street in the historic Soda Creek Building. With an extensive menu featuring their famous Eggs Benedict served up 12 different ways and beautiful outdoor seating next to Soda Creek during the summer, it’s the perfect spot to spend a lazy morning lingering over their amazing chili relleno. Creekside has a devoted following of locals, and rightfully so. Since they opened in 2003, owners Kelly and Jason Landers have supported a huge number of Steamboat Springs organizations and events by donating food, gift certificates, and funding. Even though the restaurant is in high demand, both for their food and philanthropy, the owners have resisted jacking up their prices. A full meal is reasonably priced for the great service and huge portions. If you are looking to really take advantage of the amount of food Creekside can pile on one plate, make sure to order the breakfast burrito with chorizo. They fill a huge chipotle tortilla with eggs, beans, cheese, and perfectly spicy potatoes and top it all off with their famous green chili. Can’t finish your plate? Just get a to-go box and munch on the leftovers for several meals to come.


Shades Cafe

Shades Cafe

Popular with the locals, the small and affordable breakfast, lunch, and sometimes dinner spot right off the main square is rapidly growing in popularity.