Dance and Pray for Snow, Michael Jackson-Style

Don’t leave the snowfall up to Mother Nature this year. Instead, head to Park City, Utah, to partake in the second annual “Thriller Snow Dance.” Dance your ski bum off in an effort to bring copious amounts of snow to the mountains.
Thriller thumb

In the weeks leading up to the ski season, everyone in a ski town is anxious. When will the snow start to fall? How much will fall and how fast? Will it stick? Please, snow gods, let it stick!

To send good vibes to the snow gods up above, Park City Mountain Resort is hosting the second annual Thriller Snow Dance. “We’re all familiar with the rain dances performed by Native Americans, well why not a dance to encourage a hefty snowfall,” said Meisha Lawson, Marketing and Communications Manager at Park City Mountain Resort. “The dance is performed to give all snow lovers an opportunity to get together and dance a silly dance all in the name of snow.”

And it really is a spectacle. Last year, over 100 participants came from all over the country including North Carolina, Florida, and California and were dressed in costumes from zombies to a fried egg.

“The Town Lift Plaza is the perfect spot for a dance lesson and dance performance,” said Lawson. “Participants arrive between 3:00 and 5:00 p.m. and practice/learn the dance. The goal is to get as far along with the steps as possible to encourage somewhat of a choreographed routine, but the main goal is a fun time for all ages.” The dance will be aired live on the Fox Nightly News in an effort to document the “Thriller Snow Dance” World Record.

But how did this whole event come to fruition in the first place? In October 2009, with Halloween just around the corner and Michael Jackson’s recent death, the idea of a Thriller Snow Dance came naturally to Lawson and a fellow co-worker. “Everything fell into place last year,” said Lawson, so naturally, they had to do it again, and hope to make it an annual tradition.

Lawson is extremely proud of her fun creation and she and Park City Mountain Resort challenges all resort communities to create a fun “pre-season” event celebrating the upcoming season. “Why not take an opportunity to pull the community together to celebrate the upcoming season?” asked Lawson.



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