Day One: Copper Mountain

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Tour in style. Be conscious of your body position while touring and save energy on the skin track. Dobbins recommends looking past the tips of your skis to the terrain ahead. “You don’t want to look down,” he says. “Where you look is where your body tends to go. If you’re hunched over, it doesn’t keep your weight centered over the skins.” Keep your body upright and don’t break at the waist to be energy efficient. —Olivia Dwyer

Copper 10:27 am-11:48 A.M. Vertical: 4,600 feet

A cool foot of new snow blessed the trails of Copper as we pulled up to our VIP parking space only a few feet from the Super Bee chair. Ben Friedland of the public relations department showed us such good powder stashes we strayed from our schedule and took two runs.

Speeding through the cut-up powder down Andy's Encore, Ruthie's Run, and Collage, we all were in disbelief of the great snow conditions we had so early in the trip.