Day One: Crested Butte

On a clear day, a view of the Swiss Alps covered in snow is enough to make anyone want to give up everything and move there. OK, maybe that was just us, but still, it's a breath-taking scene. It'd be worth riding the tram to the top of the mountain for a view even if you're not planning to ski back down.

Crested Butte 5:10-8:00 Vertical: 2,775 feet

The Crested Butte ski patrol fired up the chairlift for us almost and hour-and-a-half after closing. Willoughby and I took our run with resort celeb Kim Reichhelm, a two-time Women's World Extreme Skiing Champion and Crested Butte ski ambassador. We shot down Monument, International, and the Playground in dark, flat light. She ripped sweet, effortless turns through the steep moguls like she could feel every bump before she hit it.


Crested Butte's Improved Bike Park

New for summer 2011: Zip Line Tour; improved bike park, trails; new events

Big event at Crested Butte

Summer in the Mountains: Crested Butte, Colo.

The charming mountain town of the rugged West Elks offers something for everyone.

CNL Properties Buys Okemo, Crested Butte, and Sunapee

Relationship with family-owned Triple Peaks, LLC provides immediate capital and long-term stability for top-ranked ski mountains