Day One: Loveland

Do you know the shortcuts to shave minutes off your commute? Or the best time to hit the deli down the street to miss the long lines of lunch hour? These are a necessary part of your day, and you want to waste as little time and energy on them as possible. Tim Dobbins is no different. He’s spent the last three years as a guide on backcountry ski trips for Alpine Skills International, and it’s his job to make sure these outings run smoothly. “As a guide, I need to teach people the most efficient way to travel through terrain,” he says. “It’s in my best interests to keep people’s energy up. You enjoy skiing more when you’re not exhausted, and any time you can save energy it increases all-around safety. It’s about enjoying ourselves and taking pride in our work.” Even if you can’t make it out to Tahoe, you can still learn from Dobbins with these tips for efficient travel in the backcountry.

Loveland 8:55 am-9:55 A.M. Vertical: 1,800 feet

Crisp, morning air, a stiff breeze, and nine inches of fresh greeted us at Loveland as we stepped out of the van to grab our gear.

Scott Fortner and Kevin Wright of the marketing department, took us up Chair One, down Richard's Run, and to the mid-station of Chair Two. We braved the traitorous headwind as we rode up Chair Two to lay first tracks on Fireshot--only a taste of the powder shots to come.