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Day Three: Keystone

Margaritas at the Saloon are a mandatory part of the Minturn Mile, a sidecountry run that drops from Lost Boy in Vail’s Game Creek Bowl. The hot spot of Minturn, Vail’s Ritz-less little sister, the Saloon has been around since 1901. That’s almost as long as Bruce, the bartender, has been growing his beard.

Keystone 6:15P.M.-7:00P.M. Vertical: 1,800 feet

Skiing at night, what an adventure. Lit up by floodlights and whatever glow they got from the new moon, the trails were bronze and shadowy. The snow was surprisingly good for the circumstances, boasting two-to-three inches of groomed loose granular. We headed straight down Spring Dipper at non-stop, record speed right to the bar for the numbing sauce we all needed.