Day Two: Sunlight

Researchers at Japanese brand CW-X found that compressing muscles to reduce jiggling during activity actually lessens fatigue. Whereas Opedix garments (above) use strategically placed compression bands to keep joints aligned, CW-X uses similar bands to quiet vibrating muscles. Three-quarter-length tights make perfect sense for skiers: There’s no extra fabric or seams to bunch at your boot cuffs. [$82 for the top, $98 for the bottoms;]

Sunlight 5:45P.M.-7:00P.M. Vertical: about 1,000 feet

We hit Sunlight by the light of the moon and had general manager, Tom Jankovsky, turn on the lifts for us. Skiing by Braille through the darkness, I was in complete vertigo, floating through the air and not knowing which end was up. We sped down the newly-groomed Midway trail to the bar where we were greeted with applause from a rousing local crowd who bought us much-deserved beers and shots of tequila.

We headed down Sunlight's long access road to the Hotel Colorado in Glenwood Springs where we did a quick change and rushed to dinner at the Sapphire Grille.