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Destination Park: Mammoth, CA

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"I ski at least 10 parks a year, but none of them ever compare to Mammoth, says park goddess Kristi Leskinen.

Disco Park: Running directly beneath the Discovery Chair, this is the place for beginners to come and learn what park riding is all about: baby rollers, gerbil-size rails and boxes, and a mini-pipe where the goal is wall-to-wall control, not airing it out.

Family Fun Zone: A step up from the Disco Park, this is the place to get a feel for halfpipe riding. The Family Fun pipe is 350 feet long with 10-foot walls, and is cut by an original Pipe Dragon—so you can claim old-school cred while getting a feel for the transitions.

Forest Trail: Running alongside Unbound Main, Forest Trail has features that mimic the pro-level park on a smaller scale. The three-jump line goes from 20 to 30 feet, perfect for mastering new tricks before bringing them to the big show.

South Park: Located below Chair 20, South Park incorporates a lot of natural terrain, but there's also a line of 20 consecutive rails and a set of jumps ranging from 34 to 40 feet. Work on doing top-to-bottom runs without losing your rhythm.

Unbound Main: What's to say? It's the most photographed park in the nation, thanks to massive 40- to 80-foot kickers, rails with more twists and turns than an episode of 24, and cotton-candy pink features. Experts only, for real.


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Mammoth, CA

The Mammoth Mountain Ski Area is located on the east side of the Sierra Nevada mountain range in the Inyo National Forest and has more than 3,500 acres of skiable terrain.