SKI Editor Kimberly Beekman Included in Best American Travel Writing

Beekman's story, "El Otro Lado (The Other Side)" was nominated as a notable read in this year's "Best American Travel Writing"
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El Otro Lado

SKI's managing editor Kimberly Beekman was included in this year's edition of "Best American Travel Writing." Her story, "El Otro Lado (The Other Side)" about Mexican migrant workers in Jackson Hole, ran in the March/April '09 issue of SKI. You can read the story here.


Bode Miller: American Gladiator tout

An American Gladiator

Bode Miller, probably the best U.S. male racer ever to set a ski on edge, has announced that he won’t race this season. But he’s being canny about next year. Are you not entertained?

Lobar; Crested Butte, Colorado

Best Ski-Town Sushi

Despite the fact that most ski towns are land-locked, many of them have world-class sushi. And there's something about powder skiing and raw fish—they go together nicely. We've sampled sushi all over the country, and here are our picks for the 10 best sushi restaurants in ski towns.

David Watson Skis K2 #5

David Watson Skis K2 (slideshow)

"I was happy to have made it down without incident. The whole trip people were begging me not to try to ski the mountain. One climber even offered to carry my skis down for me. Amongst the other climbers, there wasn't much belief that it was possible, but I knew it was within my abilities. I didn't get to ski off the summit, but skiing the first descent of the bottleneck and shoulder was incredibly satisfying."