Epicurean Café

An authentic, and often ignored French bistro.
Epicurean Café

Epicurean Café is the real deal. With tons of French restaurants in the area, none are more authentic than this often-ignored spot. What makes it even more genuine is that once you step through the door, you can tell that Epicurean Café is the owner, Marco’s pride and joy. His genuine love for food is apparent in every dish the restaurant sends out. While it is a little on the pricy side for French bistro food, all the dishes are made with organic ingredients and often times locally grown produce. Take special note of the delicious escargot baked in garlic butter and the ultra-classic coq au vin—slowly roasted rooster with red wine. The menu is limited (as well as the seating), but what is available is always outstanding and cooked to French cooking school perfection. Like good French food should, a meal at Epicurean takes a while. Settle in and enjoy the homey atmosphere over wine. The chef, Rebecca, has perfected her craft, and it shows with every bite.
(970) 875-0997