Euro Trashed

Euro Trashed

Krazy Kanguruh
Quite possibly the world?s best après spot. Housed in a chalet 300 yards up from the base, the Kanguruh?s cheesy ?80s anthems range from "The Final Countdown" to "Crying at the Discothèque." But they seem to inspire everyday women to dance on the tables topless, while wearing ski boots. Drinks: Trays of tequila, pints, and B-52 shots. Vibe: A Brit-German fusion of bad music, party girls, and white men who can?t dance?all fresh off the slopes and fueled by oodles of booze. What you need to know: Photos of the party are avail-able immediately?and indefinitely?at

Kandahar Club
Through a single door, you pass from St. Anton?s pedestrian zone to a restaurant and club straight out of Marrakech. Featuring a Thai-Indian menu, Kandahar turns into a disco with DJ come 11 p.m. and then goes strong until 6 a.m. Drinks: Start with a bottle of red and perhaps a curry. Vibe: Expect even more raucous late nights?with some of London?s top DJs?since Kandahar?s edgier sister club, Kartouche, closed this past summer. What you need to know: The owner?s e-mail address, which is He can get you a table, get you a crash pad (he owns chalets in town), and he?s the de facto mayor.

Club Taratata
A basement nightclub with wooden beams, orange furniture worthy of Charlie?s Angels (the TV show), and a dance floor crammed between the bar and DJ booth. Watch out for English men struggling against every grain of their lineage to find rhythm. Drinks: A bottle of Absolut, a bucket of ice, and a six-pack of Red Bull. Vibe: This miniature version of a full-scale Euro club really goes off at 2 a.m., when the other bars and pubs in town close. The Belgian DJ turns up the house music, and the 20-something crowd gets increasingly liquored. What you need to know: Call ahead and reserve a table by the dance floor for prime ogling; owner Alexandre Oberson is at 11-027-771-4535 or visit

The Farm Club
Dark and rustic with a distinctly ?60s decor, this place attracts plenty of Euro trash with cash, especially on Fridays and Saturdays. Drinks: Buy a bottle of Jack, Captain Morgan, Tanqueray?anything hard. The bartender will scrawl your name on it. If you don?t finish it that night, he?ll save it for your next visit. Abandoned bottles are polished off at the end-of-season party. Vibe: Hangout for hot 30-ish internationals who dress to impress. Fergie stops by every now and then. What you need to know: Or should we say who? Italian brothers Serafino and Guiseppi, always dressed in black tie and jacket, are the owners. Track them down.

Chambre NeufThe racks outside should tell you something: They?re heaped with fat skis, snowboards, and helmets from late afternoon through most of the night. Drinks: Plenty of cheap beer. Vibe: A mixed crowd of skiers and boarders from Europe and the U.S. hanging out on the terrace comparing couloir stories while soaking up views of the mountains. What you need to know: You?ll find more female Swedish skiers here than anywhere else in town.

Micro Brasserie du Chamonix
Opened just last season, Cham?s best-kept secret feels like a Northern California brewpub, complete with views of the brewer?s vats behind the bar. Live local music nightly?or when the Canadian-expat owner and his friends feel like jamming. Drinks: Fresh brews. Vibe: Populated with local hardcores, guides, and anyone looking for a pint. What you need to know: It closes by 2 a.m. so you can get your ass to a tram by eight.