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Experts: Avalanche Danger High in ‘Outlier Year’

More experience skiers, not newbies, getting into trouble.
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This winter’s unstable snowpack—built on sparse early snow—has lead to a “perfect storm” for treacherous avalanche conditions, avalanche forecasters say. Six experienced backcountry travelers died in the past week, two in Colorado and four in Washington. The dicey snow pack across the West has avalanche centers on high alert—the Colorado avalanche center issued a special warning last weekend— but forecasters say that human factors still play the biggest part in avalanche incidents. “This is a winter to dial it back, watch and learn from it — it’s not the winter to go charging out into the sidecountry or backcountry.” Dale Atkins, president of the American Avalanche Association told the New York Times.

Here’s more from the NY Times. You can’t be too careful out there.


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